Refuse the Testing. Refuse the Vaccine. Refuse the Mask.

*Update 10/31/22 - The Central Pontiate has now included seasonal flu vaccines under the Prosthíki Iatrikís Apagórefsis (PIA) edict. The edict comes in response to a number of well-documented issues and problems with the seasonal flu shots as explained by Bishop Andrew Theophilus. "There are now thousands of documented cases worldwide of people being given injections of the Covid RNA vaccine instead of the seasonal flu shot and whether it's being done deliberately or by accident is irrelevant in terms of the new edict." Theophilus continued, "Let's be clear: the goal of the enemy of all humanity is to inject as many people as possible with these DNA-mutating poisons and our goal is to stop it."

"Adding to the confusion is the fact that Moderna and other manufacturers have created RNA seasonal flu shots which of course adds an additional layer of deception to the situation. So for the physical and spiritual protection of our parishioners it is better to ban all bad fruit from the corrupt tree."

Read the full statement here.

Download the seasonal flu vaccine religious exemption here.

The church has determined 'Covid' to be a fake plague no more dangerous than the flu (because it is the flu) and that the measures being used for the first time in history to 'combat it' are Satanically-inspired and contravene New Testament scripture - by design. View our press releases and official statements on the subject. Remember, quarantine is when you restrict the movement of sick people. Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people.

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Religious Covid Exemption Forms

Citing the dangerous and unknown nature of RNA/DNA vaccines and their potential to permanently alter the genetic structure of humans, the Marcionite Christian Church has forbidden its members worldwide from receiving the vaccines for seven-years beginning August 1st, 2020.

The edict (Subitis Medicinae Edicto) issued by the Central Pontiate also bans participation in the use of nanovaccinology for a period of three-years as more is learned about the implications of the technology. Forms are free for parishioners and other Christians. If you are inclined, please donate any amount as it helps defray the expenses associated with maintaining the registry and verification system. 

Testing Exemption

'Testing' for a common cold virus is simply an excuse to extract and collect DNA samples. Invasive DNA collection in association with Covid testing is banned.

Vaccine Exemption

RNA/DNA vaccines and nanovaccines involve technology that can forever alter and mutate your genetic structure and that of your offspring. Banned.

Mask Exemption

We are children of God created in His image, not criminals or slaves that wear masks on a daily basis. Covid masks for routine activities are banned.

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